Here at CAXTON PRESS , we are proud of our history as one of the oldest independent publishers west of the Rockies. Started in 1925 with the publication of our first Caxton title The Idaho Citizen by Fred Lukens, Caxton Press continues to publish fine books about the American West, its history, its culture, its geography and its people. Caxton Press also serves as the distributor to the book trade of other fine small presses such as the University of Idaho Press, Historic Idaho Press, Snake Country Publishing, Photosmith Books and Hambleton Publishing.

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Our History, Our Mission

The Caxton Printers Ltd began in 1907 when founder J.H. Gipson began the company as a printing and office services company serving the business community of Idaho. As the company matured Gipson decided to launch a book publishing division (which became Caxton Press) to provide access to publishing for the authors and book lovers west of the Rockies. At that time there were no such companies in Idaho and almost no publishing houses in the West – period. Since that time we’ve published thousands of titles about the West with a special emphasis on Native American history and Western Americana.

We have a passion for what we do, and we want to pass that along to you. Fine books, from fine authors, focusing on the West. To our company the ongoing publication of content, in both print and digital formats, represents an important responsibility that we take seriously.

“Books to us never can or will be primarily articles of merchandise to be produced as cheaply as possible and to be sold like slabs of bacon or packages of cereal over the counter: If there is anything that is worthwhile in this mad jumble we call the twentieth century; it should be books.”

Caxton founder J.H. Gipson, 1937

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