Self Publishing Services

Self-publishing your novel, cookbook, photo-journal, family history, or other book project is a labor of love. We are proud to support authors and photographers as they create and distribute their unique books.

Caxton offers affordable printing and binding services for all types of self-publishing projects. With very few exceptions we take care of all the prepress, printing, and binding right in our facility, giving you a smooth production process for your pride and joy because bringing your book to the printed page should be a celebration, not a hassle. With our state of the art short-run digital printing capabilities we can now offer our book production clients an affordable option to the traditional large run printing format if that is what is best for our clients and the project.

As a full service book printer and bindery, we do not offer publishing services we simply print and bind your book. Editing, marketing, and distributing each book is up to the author, who retains all copyrights. Please contact us about rates for printing your self-published book.

Important Note:
When you bring your book project to Caxton for our experts to produce, Caxton is not publishing the book; this is an important distinction. Our sister company, Caxton Press, publishes fine fiction and western-themed books, along with nonfiction trade books. As a publisher, Caxton Press edits, produces, markets, and distributes the books in its catalog. If you are interested in submitting your manuscript to Caxton Press, please review the submission guidelines.

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